Sarinah Matema-Morgans - The startup story of a South African entrepreneur harnessing Africa’s exotic ingredients to create a luxury beauty and body care brand

Having an appreciation of the need to create high quality skincare products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of African skin, inspired entrepreneur Sarinah Matema-Morgans to create her own brand to meet those needs. Serenity Luxury Body Care is the result of her extensive experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry and her passion to create a proudly African skincare brand.

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Sarinah Matema-Morgan on her beauty range for African women

Through her Serenity Luxury Body Care range, Sarinah-Matema Morgan aims to help African woman become more empowered.

Sarinah Matema-Morgan, originally from Polokwane, moved to Jo’burg to pursue career opportunities. After being in the beauty industry for over 17 years, she felt that it was time to contribute more to the local industry.

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